Additive Rehabilitations

Course Synopsis:

This course is for dentists who want to manage tooth wear in general practice, provide budget friendly tooth wear treatment, avoid full coverage crown preps, use Composite and/or Porcelain and educate general patients about future treatment.

Course Aims:

  • To classify tooth wear and learn primary and secondary causes
  • To use classifications of tooth wear to effectively treatment plan using minimally invasive techniques
  • To plan and place palatal veneers for wear cases
  • To use knowledge of materials for restorative success
  • To stage treatment plans for no prep wear cases
  • To prescribe correct wax up designs for wear cases
  • To restore wear cases in a full mouth, or stepwise approach
  • To find cost effective plans for tooth wear patients
  • To understand how, when, and why to open a patients OVD
  • To confidently adjust occlusion after restoring a case with palatal and buccal veneers
  • Introduce a new 4 step technique for tooth wear treatment without crowns
  • Encourage minimally invasive, or no prep techniques for wear cases
  • Avoidance of crowns in full mouth restorative treatment
  • Explore the sandwich technique and palatal veneers
  • To be able to clearly identify indications for opening OVD
  • To be able to treatment plan without resorting to heavy preparations
Additive Rehabilitations: $1711 SGD