An Integrative Approach to Oral Health Education

DP Academy was birthed as an extension of the philosophy and work of DP Dental. Our mission is to provide excellence in world-class oral health education and offer courses that train and equip healthcare professionals to their full potential to be accredited globally.

Through continual education, DP Academy strives to influence the approach to healthcare to be more “wholistic” and encompass the whole person. The education the academy provides will define and shape the future of dentistry by preparing tomorrow’s healthcare professionals as leaders of change that will provide better patient care and service to our community and beyond.

An Integrative Approach to Oral Health Education

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DP Academy is a a wholly-owned subsidiary of DP Healthverse Holdings PL. DP Healthverse Holdings PL is a progressive and purpose-driven healthcare group with a mission to provide people-centric care and solve problems at their root cause. Our brands include: